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Need help with Country Bear Names

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  • Need help with Country Bear Names

    I have searched high and low over the internet for this but have had no luck anywhere. My kids have a late 80's/early 90's "Disneyland Fun" Sing Along Video. There is a song with the Country Bears singing "The Great Outdoors." There are 3 bears, 2 tall, one short, which I can remember from my childhood. They were also present in the park when the attraction was due to close a few years ago ,hanging out near the Jamboree. Anyhow, does anyone know the names of these bears? I will never be able to thank you enough if you can help me!

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    Re: Need help with Country Bear Names

    I remember:
    Big Al
    Liver Lips
    Just remember without a well written Disney Villain, there would be no point in the Heroes and the Princesses. Have you hugged a Disney Villain today? :love:


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      Re: Need help with Country Bear Names

      Here are all the names:

      Heads on the Wall - Melvin (moose), Buff (buffalo), Max (stag)
      Henry - emcee
      Gomer - pianist
      The Five Bear Rugs (the band) - Zeke (banjo), Zeb (fiddle), Ted (jug), Fred (mouth harp/harmonica), Tennessee (one string "thang"), Oscar (small bear that squeaks his teddy bear at the end of each song; according to the back story, he is Zeb's son)
      Wendell - bear with overbite. He does duets with Henry.
      Liver Lips McGrowl - singer with big lips. Voiced by country singer Buck Owens.
      The Sunbonnet Trio - girl group, Bunny, Bubbles and Beulah.
      Trixie - the "lonesome loser" bear, always with a glass in her hand.
      Teddi Bara - swings from the ceiling.
      Big Al - off key big bear, with a horseshoe on his guitar.

      Hope this answers your question.
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        Re: Need help with Country Bear Names

        I take it you're referring to the walk-around Country Bear characters? I thinK I saw the video you mention and I believe 2 of the bears in question are Liver Lips McGraw and Wendel. Not sure who the 3rd bear is.


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          Re: Need help with Country Bear Names

          Thanks everyone, appreciate your help alot!!! From your descriptions, I think they are Liver Lips, Shaker and Wendell. Yes, they were the walk around characters, sorry I didn't state that better. Amanda, my girls really like your present opening Stitch! Again, thanks everyone!


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            Re: Need help with Country Bear Names

            "Shaker's" real name is Terrence.


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