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The Dictionary Game

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  • The Dictionary Game

    Here's how it's played online.

    Someone thinks of a word that he/she thinks not many people will know the definition of.

    Anyone who wants to play can try to guess what the word means and write the definition . If you know the actual definition of the word don't write anything ...just watch.

    After 6 people have guessed the meaning of the word, the person who comes up with the answer closest to the real definition wins and gets to pick the next word. If none of the definitions are even close to the real definition, the person who chose the word gets to decide who gets to pick the next word.


    The first word is "succor"

    Guess away!!

    After 6 guesses , I'll tell you the actual definition and who the winner is!

    Please don't cheat by looking it up then posting!

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    Re: The Dictionary Game

    Succor. I beleive it has something to do whith favor or desirablility. Slips my mind at the moment.


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