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Protect yourself and your Children

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  • Protect yourself and your Children

    I saw this link on Oprah today and thought I would share. It is really scary how many offenders live in your area.

    Then off of that site I saw this off to the side and clicked on it.

    It's an awesome watch that makes a loud noise when activated to help protect people (young children all the way through adults can use it). I was even thinking about getting one for when I go to work and leave by myself or something.

    I know that a lot of you have children, nieces, nephews, or know children. I just wanted to pass this onto you guys.

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    Re: Protect yourself and your Children

    I've hear of that watch - sometimes I think it would be an awesome idea - then I picture my kids running off just to hear the sound go off!!

    the best site to search to find out if a sex offender is in your area is

    it's free and gives pictures and addresses. Although, mug shots all look so scary - I wish they would update pictures periodically.
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      Re: Protect yourself and your Children

      Good info. Thanks for bumping it up BFJen.

      The idea of an alarm is a great one, but knowing "kids" it might be more of a toy than anything. Parents actualy watching and knowing what their kids are doing and who they talk to is most important. Then again, sometimes even that's not enough, sadly.

      Anyway, always good to put in front of people this info.


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