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Oh no...its that time of year

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  • Oh no...its that time of year

    I just saw lightning....I hate lighning

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    Re: Oh no...its that time of year

    We've had quite a bit this evening. With a mini rain shower. All that did was make it more humid. Maybe it will clear the air at least.


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      Re: Oh no...its that time of year

      Theres a Humungous storm here, i should shut down my comp, but im scared
      I'm seeing more lighnting than hearing thunder


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        Re: Oh no...its that time of year

        Normally... I LOVE electrical storms!!! When my daughter lived here she and I would get in her jeep and go up to the "water tower" up on the hill behind where we live and watch the storms!! I love the rain! I love the thunder! I love the lightning!!!


        Right now we have so many fires that were started by the lightning... the Sawtooth Complex fire that burned nearly 80,000 acres being one of them. We now have the Covington flats fire ( I could see the red glow of it over the hill on my way home from work tonight), a third fire started just before 7 PM tonight on the edge of Joshua Tree National Park... and at least 2 or 3 smaller wildfires out in the uninhabited part of the park.

        As much as I like to watch mother natures light show.... we really don't need any more fires started.

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          Re: Oh no...its that time of year

          I'm getting more scared now. Rain, hail, lightning, thunder
          All signs of a TORNADO! Which probrally won't happen...I live in hills...but im sooo scared right now


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            Re: Oh no...its that time of year

            the is a big lightining storm here in Santa Ana right now!!! I swear it followed me all the way form the Huntington Beach coast line!!


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              Re: Oh no...its that time of year

              We had a storm pass through a few hours ago. Got kind of windy. Back in early April I woke up twice to the sirens in the same week. It did make for a nice excuse to sleep in a bit and be late for class.


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                Re: Oh no...its that time of year

                I love weather, cause we dont get any in SOCal.
                I just have issues when trhe rain goes on for a few days.
                I'm solar charged, I need the sun.
                Plus, the windyness brings the smell from the mountains, mmm.


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                  Re: Oh no...its that time of year

                  The sky turned very black late afternoon, but the approaching storm weenied out before it hit my neighborhood.

                  I LOOOOOOOOVE LIGHTNING! When we were in Orlando a couple of years ago, it was nirvana. I haven't seen lightning like that before or since.

                  Confession: I've always wanted to be..... a storm chaser. One of my goals is to see or be IN a tornado before I die. :yea:


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                    Re: Oh no...its that time of year

                    Did someone say a scattered summer shower in Florida??


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                      Re: Oh no...its that time of year

                      Send it up this way, pllllllleeease!!! :beg:
                      Good morning, son
                      In twenty years from now
                      Maybe we'll both sit down and have a few beers
                      And I can tell you 'bout today
                      And how I picked you up and everything changed
                      It was pain
                      Sunny days and rain
                      I knew you'd feel the same things...



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                        Re: Oh no...its that time of year

                        We had to drive all the way 40 minutes, through a windswept road, with a tornado approaching !!!!!! Crazy Storms!
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                          Re: Oh no...its that time of year

                          We get those storms down here about every other day where I live. Atleast they keep the allergies down, but man the humidity will be bad when the sun comes back out. Down here, tornados are what people are afraid of. Just a few months ago, me and a family friend were at a Polaris dealership and the tornado sirens went off because a tornado touched down less than a few miles from where we were. Worst thing is that the shop had no basement and no sturdy structures nearby. So if the tornado hit that store, we would have been killed. But the family friend I was with is kinda like Mr. Magoo. He is oblivious to things around him. So when the tornado sirens were going off, HE WANTED TO GO GET LUNCH AT MCDONALDS!!!! I told him that was a bad idea. I'd say we stayed in the shop for about an hour until the storm passed by and it was safe to leave.

                          HOWEVER! We had two destinations to go to that day that were in two different cities here in Kentucky. The first was to a Ford dealership near my home, the second one was to Polaris in the next city down. I told the family friend to go to Polaris first and then Ford. Luckily we did that because the area the Ford dealership is in got hit by the tornado and a person was killed.
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                            Re: Oh no...its that time of year

                            Thunderstorms still freak me out, though not as much now as when I first moved here. It's worse when i'm home alone and a big storm hits.
                            The next day, i end up with a massive headache that nothing helps, no matter how small or large the storm is.
                            I never grew up with tornado warnings or severe thunderstorm warnings, and it was rare that there was a summer storm, as far as I remember.
                            Although, there was alot of flooding. I remember in 5th grade, big storm, days and days of pouring rain and massive flooding, they even sent us home early because of it.
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                              Re: Oh no...its that time of year

                              Oh I love storms...and I love getting caught in themto....ahh the good times...lightning hitting right infront of the car you are in......


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