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Introduction! (and Collaborative Fiction idea)

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  • Introduction! (and Collaborative Fiction idea)

    Greetings! I've been reading these boards for a while, but never posted. My interest in Disney (and WDW in particular) is simply because I literally live right next door to it. My property borders WDW's on the north side, and becasuse of that I take a perverse interest in everything Disney does.

    Some friends and I had an idea--what if Walt's head was thawed and he came back. Would he be happy or angry? Could he have done better? (Yes, I know Walt's head wasn't really frozen--this is a hypothetical.) It's nice to think that Walt would have done things better, but you never know....

    Anyway, we're trying to start a "Wiki" where people who are interested can work on this collaborative fiction. This is strictly a hobby. You won't see advertising or ads, or anything, just the "TikiWiki" software running. We put a few plot ideas, etc, on it.

    Some of us like drawing "graphical novels" and we hope to take some of the ideas and make comic strips or "flash animated movies" or even simply video games (watch walt zap pin traders with laser beam eyes!).

    Anyway, if you're interested, visit

    and share your ideas.

    Remember it's all fun. Nothing nasty, please, and no "inside information" or jokes. Something all Disney fans would understand.

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