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Memories of Valentine's Day at school

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  • Memories of Valentine's Day at school

    Seeming that I don't have a significant other (ie. a wife, or going out with someone) Valentine's Day usually brings me a touch of nostalgia to when the holiday was much more meaningful and a much bigger deal. Ahh those elementary school days!

    Valentine's Day was always exciting and there was much of that leading up to the big day. Everybody got to make their very own personalized mail box. I remember making mine in 2nd Grade and i held on to it and used it for several more years. I was a big Tiny Toons fan so I had Tiny Toons stickers on it themed for Valentine's Day. Later when we didn't exchange Valentine's I kept my baseball card collection in there. It ended up getting so torn by the time I was a teen I had to throw it away.

    I loved giving and getting Valentine's, especially since I got a whole bunch and they had my favorite cartoon characters on them! Though passing the Valentine's were difficult for me. I knew most everyone in class, but I only knew most everyone by voice since my vision is not very good. I couldn't read the names on the boxes so there were many a time I had to sheepishly ask many people who they were so they got the right card. How embarrassing, right?

    Do you have any Valentine's Day memories from when you were in school?

    Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
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