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Sharing a Room (PART 2)

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  • Sharing a Room (PART 2)

    A few weeks ago I posted this thread,
    Me and my mom were fighting, and so were me and my brother, and me and him decided we wanted our own room. My mom brought us to a Phycologist a few weeks ago to work things out between us.
    I HIGHLY reccomend any parents who are having trouble understanding their teen to see a really helped me look at my parents point of view, and help them see mine.
    To make a story short, we are in the process of moving my brother out of my room right now.
    Thanks for the advice everyone

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    Re: Sharing a Room (PART 2)

    Haha! I remember your old post. Glad you got your way.
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      Re: Sharing a Room (PART 2)

      Glad you worked it out and are feeling better! I think everyone should see a psychologist at least once in their lives (just my opinion).


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        Re: Sharing a Room (PART 2)

        Glad things worked out for you in the end and helped you to see things through your parent's eyes and vise versa.
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