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    In your personal experiance, what browser works the fastest for I know sence the new debut, some people have been experianceing speed problems with sloooow page loading.
    So what works best for you, and whats your favorite.
    *Internet Explorer
    *Other (please explain)

    Mine is Safari
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    Re: Browsing MC

    I have found that firefox works the best for me.
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      Re: Browsing MC

      Safari works best on my Mac at home. (Although, I can't log on to MC from home. I'm not sure why...)

      IE works best for my PC at work.


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        Re: Browsing MC

        used IE and Firefox. they both work about the same, which to say good, so I use Firefox because IE is a bloated P.O.S with security holes big enough to drive a Hummer through.


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          Re: Browsing MC



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            Re: Browsing MC

            I use Firefox, IE gives me problems with everything, it seems.

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              Re: Browsing MC

              Dial Up - IE

              Broadband - Firefox
              What an idiot....

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                Re: Browsing MC

                I am so computer iliterate, I don't have any idea what you are talking about. My husband is the computer expert in our house. I would have to ask him this question. He is not a MiceChatter either. Disney is not his thing. He is happy, that I enjoy it so much.
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                  Re: Browsing MC

                  I use Safari if I'm on my iBook and Firefox if I'm on my husband's PC. I MUCH prefer both of them to IE. IE crashed on my old computer all the time...


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                    Re: Browsing MC

                    IE. That's all i have and it always works.

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                      Re: Browsing MC

                      I've switched from Netscape to Firefox. Even when I was on dial-up, Firefox seemed faster. Now that we've gotten DSL, it smokes! It is, without a doubt, the best choice.
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                        Re: Browsing MC

                        I'm almost always using Firefox these days. MiceChat seems to come across just fine with it on the PC. However, I have some problems with text entry on the Mac with Firefox.
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