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I want to go to Europe!

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  • I want to go to Europe!

    My friend and I want to go to Europe. I have been to other continents, but never this one! We want to go next May or June and hit London, Paris, and Rome for sure. How is the best way to go about palnning this trip? What do you think? We don't mind a tour, but don't want to do backpacks/hostels.

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    Re: I want to go to Europe!

    Hey Nursemelis - good to see you again, and thanks for the Nemo experience. I'd say that the "Let's Go" guidebooks are invaluable, and I found the Rick Steve's website also helpful. Keep in mind that if you travel next May/June it could be a very expensive trip - the dollar has already fallen 40% against the Euro in the past almost two years, and is likely to keep falling more by the time you go.

    Since you're young, you might want to check out Contiki Tours - I've travelled with them before and they limit ages to under 35. At least they could give you an idea of what you can see in the time you have. But since I visited Rome twice last year, and also London and Paris last year, here's what I would do:

    Book a round trip ticket to London, and a one way ticket to Rome. Get a two country Eurail pass (Italy and France), and take the train back towards London (you'll need to get a Eurostar ticket one way to use the chunnel to return to London).

    This is a personal preference, but Rome and Paris are 10 times more interesting than London, so I would try to spend more time in those cities. If you had two weeks, I'd do for example five days in Rome, four days in Paris, and two days in London.

    Best of luck!


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      Re: I want to go to Europe!

      Thanks Frogberto! I am looking into Contiki. One of my best friends just moved to London, which is why I want to go there!


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