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Thanksgiving Schedules!

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  • Thanksgiving Schedules!

    Did everyone get the hours that they wanted on Thanksgiving?

    I know I did!!

    I think I'm about the 7th-highest-seniority hostess at the Blue Bayou, and I got the best Thanksgiving shift EVER!

    8:30-2:30. This gives leeway in case I get extended, gives me extra time to change into something pretty, and drive home slowly and safely, all in time for Thanksgiving dinner at 5:30. HA HA.

    I'm really lucky, and really excited.
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    Re: Thanksgiving Schedules!

    Hey Melmel,

    Off the subject of your post, but a while back I mentioned in a post about owning a cd of the Main Street Music loop and you replied that you would kill to have one. I responded back to you ( 2 times to be exact)to let you know where you can get it, but you never responded back, so I am assumming you are not interested in this cd and would not kill for it like you stated. Just curious as to the non response.


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      Re: Thanksgiving Schedules!

      Also, Melmel, I also used to work at the Blue Bayou, but back in the early 80's. It was a blast and I sure miss those days. When I eat at the Bayou, I still see some servers I recognize that were there during my time there. You might not know this person, but does a Mike Wing still work there??



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        Re: Thanksgiving Schedules!

        I was closed to close on Thanksgiving at the Disney Desk at South Coast Plaza... too bad that the Plaza is not even OPEN on Thanksgiving!

        So now, and I already got it confirmed as well, I got the day off now!
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