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No rehire status appeal

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  • No rehire status appeal

    Ok lets start at the beginning a few years back. I was loving my job at Disney. I had got a ton of guest compliments, ALWAYS came to work and on time, got along with my co-workers, leads, and managers. One day completely out of the blue I got called in and was told, that I was being put on suspension, but I was not allowed to know why but that I would have a meeting with another department in a few days. When I went to that meeting I was asked a bunch of random questions, like... if I knew who so an so was (other cast members that I worked with). I still had not been told what was going on. After a week or so I got called in and was told "someone said you said something, we are not allowed to tell you what it is or who said you said it, but because of it we are terminating your employment." I was shocked at the time and didnt think to fight it. But the more time goes by the more annoyed I am that I still have no idea why I was fired or that I didnt get the chance to defend myself. I am going to try to appeal it (not necessarily to rehire but to clear my NO status for my own sanity) Anyone have any similar experiences or advice in the appeal process? (PS please save the lecture on how I should have fought it right away and gotten a shop steward-I know it was dumb on my part)

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    Re: No rehire status appeal

    I'd say still call the union anyway. You were paying at the time of your termination and you had the right to use them, I'm sure they will still help you.


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