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  • Hiring process questions

    A little background before I get into things. I was hired as a CR Attractions Host back in 2007 at DLR's Job Fair. Everything happened so fast from filling out the application to taking the computer test and finally getting the 1 on 1 interview (happened on 1 day). I also remember coming in to fill out new hire papers a few days after the initial interview. Within 2.5 weeks, I had my Traditions; OTJ; and was placed into work. Unfortunately, I was let go due to punctuality. Although, I was told I'd be available for rehire within 3 or 6 months. Don't remember. Damn, those back 2 back 2 back 13 hr shifts )lol. ANYWAY...

    I completed an online application on June 6 and while others received e-mails within minutes. I on the other hand am still waiting for my status to be removed from pending. One odd thing I came across was that If I am signed onto and click on the desired position I applied for. It says the post has expired or the position has been filled. BUT if I am logged out, the position is still available when chosen. Not sure if the writing is on the wall or I just need to be patient. Either way, I'm confused . Are there any members out there who can shed some light as to how I may go about handling this situation? Do I just follow up with casting just as you would with any other job?

    Desired Positions:
    1. Photopass 2. Guest Services 3. Attractions

    Availability: Open-close Sat-Tues & Thurs, Wed & Fri not available bec of school midday in LA <<maybe that's where I messed up

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    Re: Hiring process questions

    Most likely, your application is active and you are just waiting to be invited to continue the process.

    You do have two things going against you.

    Your lack of availability on Friday is a deal breaker. It is most likely what is keeping you from being invited to the web based interview.

    If you do somehow get the web based interview, your previous record with the Company may hurt your chances in the interview process. Once you've been fired by an employer, it is pretty tough to come back - even if 5 years have passed.



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      Re: Hiring process questions

      @Global- Thanks for replying. You're on target with the points you've made. I knew I was in fact taking a risk by putting down my availability as such especially knowing how casting LOVES complete open availability with weekends being mandatory. The way my relationship with Disney ended was expected. I saw a few colleagues released from the job due to punctuality, which of course is important in all jobs. Come to think about, I was actually allowed to resign, which allowed for the rehire status if needed. Although, I heard others weren't so lucky. Funny thing about that is the very next day a new CM(s) would be training to replace the last. Again, thanks for replying. I'll stay positive about the situation and will give updates on the process.


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        Re: Hiring process questions

        Disney's attitude toward a no-rehire status dependent on a number of factors. They do tend to be more forgiving when it comes to an attendance death due to school. Calling in Beach, on the other hand, can irritate them. Not that I've ever done that..... ~ It also depends on the current labour market. In good economic times, when potential workers have a large choice of employers, Disney can go begging. They have, in the past, actually sent out letters to people with no-rehire asking them to come back. With California looking at high unemployment, Disney can afford to be more choosy. Just so you know, their on-line application and notification system is a bit buggy. Sometimes it won't even send you an e-mail. So check its status. If it says your app is pending, it probably is. This can take a couple weeks. I usually wait two weeks for Disney to do anything. If you feel too much time has passed, call up Casting. Tell them you put in an app and are waiting to hear if your no-rehire status has been lifted. You can even go so far as to say that someone told you that sometimes the on-line system loses track of things, so you just wanted to follow up in case the "Internet Black Hole" ate your application. (Use those words. They'll enjoy it.) This way, you can talk to a human being, find out what is happening, and not look desperate. After all, someone told you something might have happened to your app. Good luck. Lighthope Pearls of Wisdom - This is America. It is my God given right to be loudly opinionated about something I am completely ignorant of.


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          Re: Hiring process questions

          Originally posted by sLs24 View Post
          Availability: Open-close Sat-Tues & Thurs, Wed & Fri not available bec of school midday in LA <<maybe that's where I messed up
          Yes, alas, this is what got you. To be considered for the summer season, you need to be fully (and I mean fully) available. That said, it doesn't hurt to call casting and followup, and even tell them you're fully available. If not, reapply in 6 months and try again. That's what I did. I applied 7 times before I was hired. And I've since moved to a FT 40 hour professionla role, which I absolutely love.


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            Re: Hiring process questions

            Thanks for bringing comedic relief to such a frustrating situation :thumbup:

            I figured my availability would probably be an issue. I will def call to follow up with my "new" so called availability. Btw, congratulations on your position with the company. Shows persistence and determination always brings out a positive outcome.

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            For those who read this thread and are looking for information in regards to your application. Here are some #'s you can call.

            DLR Casting
            (714) 781-1600 & (714) 781-1651

            Disney Job Line


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