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What's after Traditions??

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  • What's after Traditions??

    I apologize if this has been asked before! But I've been rummaging through this forum and all over the Internet about info on Traditions! I just got hired last week, and I have my Traditions this Friday 10/19. I'm really excited yet kinda anxious because I don't know what to expect. I have a couple questions, especially towards any current CMs:

    1) I know that Traditions is an 8 hr class, but is there a specific time when it starts and ends?

    2) Will they tell me when I officially start working/training? Is it the day AFTER my traditions, or does it just depend on the person? I remember my recruiter asking me of I can start on the 19th, but wasn't sure if he meant if I can start my on-boarding process then OR if I can start working...

    3) Do they give you your costume after traditions or on the first day of your training?

    I know I'm probably ruining the "surprise" here, but I've been really wanting answers for the first two only because I have a business-related trip this weekend and plan to leave right after my traditions class. If anyone can help answer these questions, I will be eternally grateful

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    Re: What's after Traditions??

    I had my traditions and 2 other classes 2 weekends ago so i can tell you that you should be about by at least 3:30 or 4 depending when you start. my traditions started at 8 or 9am so you'll be fine. you'll be taking breaks and you'll have lunch so bring money or your own food.

    For when you'll start working/training, you're going to be some on-boarding classes THEN your training. i got hired for photopass and i just started training last weekend. i'm not sure if this works with any training position but you have to pass your training to actually start working for the position you were hired for.

    And your costume, you'll get it the 1st day of training which is pretty awesome. you'll be wearing it during your training which most of your training will be 8 hours again. (they'll should give you a paper or something that has your schedule for when you're going to be training for the next 3 weeks) you're going to be walking around both parks a lot depending on what position you were hired for but i'm pretty sure all cast members gets to walk around so be ready. they will also give you a lock for the lockers you are going to be using.

    well, i hope this helps you and good luck on your training! =]


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      Re: What's after Traditions??

      LBello124, ahh I see thanks a lot for the helpful info I got hired for QSR at DCA for Pacific Wharf Cafe. So training dates just depends on your position I'm assuming? And for the on-boarding classes are those starting the day after Traditions?


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        Re: What's after Traditions??

        the on-boarding class are after traditions and after those classes you should be able to start training


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