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  • Waitlist Callback Communications Email

    I applied for a position as a Food and Beverage Fine Restaurant Hostess in September 2013. I passed the online test and had my face-to-face interview. I was told that I was on the waitlist. Since then, I have received two emails asking me to verify that I am still interested in the job which both times, I responded with yes. Today, I received the following email:

    Thank you for your continued interest in the Disneyland Resort. At this time, we have positions available that potentially match your qualifications as discussed in your in-person interview.
    If you are still interested in potential opportunities with the Disneyland Resort please respond by clicking the link below to schedule a time for us to contact you by telephone.
    Due to limited availability, please schedule your appointment as soon as possible.
    To schedule your telephone call:

    There was then a link to schedule an appointment. Does this mean that I have the job or is there another interview?

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    Re: Waitlist Callback Communications Email

    Ok, so I'm probably not qualified to answer this, but since no else has, I'll give it a shot.

    It sounds like you have another interview to go through. Some jobs at the resort require two interviews. The second being with a manager in your department. I'm just using personal experience here since I went through a similar experience as you. I did a face to face interview, then had to be wait listed for a second interview which came a few months later. Immediately after the second interview I was offered a job.

    I could be totally wrong but that's what a lot of people I know went through including myself.

    hope this helps. Good luck!


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      Re: Waitlist Callback Communications Email

      Here's what happened to me. I was called into TDA for my first face to face interview with Casting who at the end of my interview, scheduled me to meet with a dept manager for the position I originally applied for. I was also advised that if for some reason I was not chosen, I would be considered for another department.

      I went for my second face to face interview.

      Someone from Casting contacted me to advise me that I was not selected for this role. Since this role did not require the on-line personality test, I was informed that I would need to take the test and pass it in order for me to be considered for the other department. I passed and was placed on the wait list for about two months. I recently received an email asking if I was still interested staying on the wait list. I answered affirmativley.

      Two weeks later, I received an email asking me to schedule an appointment for an interview. I scheduled a date and time for the phone interview. I was offered a position. I just completed my on-boarding process and will be taking my Traditions class soon.

      Good luck to you!
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        Re: Waitlist Callback Communications Email

        Luckily, the Waitlist Callback Communications Email was to offer me a position. I have also completed my on-boarding process and start my Traditions class on February 8th. When is your Traditions class?


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          Re: Waitlist Callback Communications Email

          My class is on the 15th.


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