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    I worked from May '05 to August '05 and absolutely loved it. However because of this and that I missed some days, and we all know what happened. It was either quit or be fired.

    When interviewing I had told my interviewer that my last day would be in August (had to come back to Colorado to go to School). My question is, because I left with no notice (other than the interviewer's notes) did I incur a No-Rehire Status?

    I've searched these boards and found that if you do indeed have a No-Rehire Status then after six months it goes away. Is this true, or just plain hear-say? When I left I had asked my managers (food/bev dept. 960) if I could come back and work again and they said I would be a Restricted-Rehire? Is that the same as a No-Rehire just with fancy wording?

    I also have a card with my former managers email address and phone number on it. Would it be a smart idea to call the manager first and check into it or try and call Casting again? I called once and was told that they couldn't discuss that information over the phone, and that I would have to come in for an interview. The problem is, is that I live in Colorado (I stayed with family last summer) and have limited funds -- so I am trying to figure out if I can be rehired before I move back to California.

    If anyone has any information or phone numbers or just plain anything I would love to hear it! Thanks for your time!
    Class of 2005...

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    Re: Rehire Status

    Now did you work for Disney in WDW florida or calif. DL? Because what i do know is DL is very picky when it comes to rehiring cast members.

    As far as restricted rehire, my guess would be it's a fancy word they use. As far as that could mean is Basically what they MAY do is if they DO rehire you they will keep a very sharp on eye on you for your 90 day period to make sure you don't have any call offs or NCNS ect.

    Now mind you this is only a guess but it has always been in my past experience with other jobs (not Disney) I have had a situation like the one you had mentioned.

    I hope this helps you


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      Re: Rehire Status

      ok, a restricted rehire means they will rehire you, but they also want to see if you are committed to work for them. I also had this when I left the company back in 2001, because I was working 2 jobs at 80 hours a week between the two. I was killing myself, so I decided to end my Disney career, but I did leave a 2 week notice. Since that time I have gone back twice and do the 2 job thing and got hired once and I went through my on the job training, then my hours changed at my regular job, which required me to immediately call my manager to let them know I could not work at the park anymore. I was surprised that I still had a rehire, but I did. Most recently, last year, I was offered a position in attraction and I accepted, then because of scheduling problems with the 2 jobs I called my interviewer and declined the offer. My interviewer called me back to thnak me for letting her know and she stated that I still have a rehire.

      Anyway, if you want to check your rehire status call 714/781-4000 and when the operator answers , ask for Casting records, not Casting, but Casting Records. I have done this countless times and yes they will let you know if you have a rehire. They will ask you for your social, name and I believe the dates you worked there. If you call casting, they cannot help you out. Also a lot of people do not know this, when you call the casting 800 number for Disneyland, a lot of times you will be connected to WDW. Apparently they handle all of the overflow calls and if you have a specific question to ask they will give you info tha is not the same as if you were talking to a Disneyland rep, so always ask if you are actually talking to Disneyland and not Disney World, cuz they are not on the same wavw length. It will only leave you feeling frustrated. Also, if you really love working for Disneyland and you get rehired in the near future and then you have to quit for whatever reason, ALWAYS and I say ALWAYS
      leave with a 2 week notice. It looks good in mgmt's eyes.


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