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My baby started preschool today!

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  • My baby started preschool today!

    My son started preschool today -- he'll go 3 days a week for 2 1/2 hours. He has HUGE separation issues so my daughter and I stayed with him for most of the time. I did leave them alone for the last 15 - 20 minutes. I'm hoping tomorrow to leave for most of the time.

    BTW, it is a developmental preschool through the school district. He qualifies for speech, fine motor and some social (the separation stuff). I had hoped to get my daughter in too but they are too full to take "normal" kids. It will be good for them to have the time away from each other but I know she'd love to go too.

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    Re: My baby started preschool today!

    Here is a picture of him at school -- he has a sneer on his face because I wasn't putting his backpack back in the car like he wanted me to.


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      Re: My baby started preschool today!

      Oh sweetie, I know so well what your going thru. Not only have I had to do it twice, but I run a family child Care so I see mommies having to leave that first time, all the time. It's heartbreaking. If you want any suggestions on seperation anxiety or anything PM me,

      or if you just want to talk,


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        Re: My baby started preschool today!

        Hi there Twinmom,

        I am new to micechat and am trying to make some friends. U sound very proud of your kids and i can relate, i remember the first day of preschool for both of my children. i have 2, A girl who is 9 yrs old and a boy who is 6 yrs old. i am 34yr F and live in Vancouver Canada. i love to go to Disneyland as often as i can. In the past 2 yrs i have been 3 times. 2 times my boyfriend and i took my kids and of course they think it is the neatest place on earth. i also just love coming to Los Angeles for holidays. It is so much different in the USA compared to where i live.
        i love the fact that everything is so conveinent in the US/ like 24 hour stores and late night shopping, I love TARGET ! we dont have Target in Canada, so i always spend tonnes of money when i go to disneyland as target is just down the street. i also love that fact that plants and flowers grow all year around in S California. Where i live the gardening season begins in May and ends as so as fall hits, around the end of September. I love the weather in LA and Orange County as well. we only get sunshine that is really hot for 3.5 months or so. Then we get lots of rain until about the end of April. It does snow here but usually only twice a year. once in a while we get a big snow storm but our mild temperatures melt it away within a few days.

        so please if you feel like it, write me and maybe you could teach me a little about how to use micechat....i dont really understand the threads and how to post new message or join a group.



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          Re: My baby started preschool today!

          Awwww that's always so hard. :squeeze:
          I remember Kyler's first day of K(he didnt' do preschool)and he was like "bye mommy" and was off, I on the other hand was the one crying.
          Shawn did Preschool and he had alot of seperation issues(along with speech)so I can fully relate :squeeze: for both of you

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