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First Female Pilot Joins Air Force's Thunderbirds!

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  • First Female Pilot Joins Air Force's Thunderbirds!

    Capt. Nicole Malachowski has been named the first woman pilot in the Air Force's world famous Thunderbirds!

    You go girl!

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    NICE! Just saw the Thunderbirds at the Air Force Academy graduation a few weeks ago. So, so cool.
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      Awesome!!! I'm so proud of the women pilots out there. Those male counterparts can be such a$$holes sometimes! Love that Eileen Collins too, the shuttle commander for the next shuttle mission.


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        Heck Yes!
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          That just ROCKS!!!!!!
          "Sometimes Miracles Hide"


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            Oh...I thought her name was Tintin or Lady Penelope..


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              That's totally wicked! :bow:

              Good for her and good for the Air Force! They've known for years that women are as good or even better pilots than their male counterparts. Maybe this will prove it once and for all and help put some of those butthead macho male pilots in their place!


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                I heard they had to build a special cockpit with an opening window for her so she can stop and ask for directions.



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                  ORDDU: First female pilot, indeed!! My sisters and I beg to differ!! Witches have been flying broomsticks for years--MUCH longer than you more modern wenches, who prefer to ride inside these silly, metal bird-like contraptions. We say let's give credit where credit is DUE!! Witches on brooms were the REAL first-time female pilots. And it's high time we all received the recognition we so richly deserve!

                  ORGOCH: Yeah!

                  ORWEN: What IS a pilot, anyway?


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