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  • Care Package

    One of my friends just had back surgery, so a few of my other friends and I wanted to put together a care package to send him. However, we've never created a care package of any kind before, so we're not sure how to go about it now. Any ideas/advice?
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    Re: Care Package

    Buy him some food he likes or a book or CD he wants. A funny card.
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      Re: Care Package

      books on tape, ( send him over a cd player) and snacks. music, treats, books, magazines, a game boy :lol: anything really to make his stay a bit better.


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        Re: Care Package

        I think you should get one of those musical cards for get well soon, maybe some snacks (cookies, candy, chips, etc), some of their cd's with a player that one of you isn't using or something, a book of word searches to help keep them occupied. Bring by some books or magazines, too because they help to pass the time.
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          Re: Care Package

          how about a bunch of action (or his favourite type ) of movies?
          Maybe you can google care paqckages and have a look at what some of those have, and make something similar

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          :lol: Did the pages take that long to reach around to your part of the world?!? :lol:


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