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England isn't that small that I'm related !

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  • England isn't that small that I'm related !

    This is a link to a fans forum for an English football team (Millwall).
    they are discussing tickets for an upcoming game (against charlton) and assuming the sports ticketing arrangements are the same over there as over here, (trying not to give too much away) then people should find the comments surrounding the main guy (Stuwall) quite amusing. If not then either I'll explain or it's a waste of time and I apologise.
    It has some language in it that some may consider offensive. It also contains evidence that there are people in England that can firstly be stupid in the first place and then either be daft enough or brilliant enough to share things they should keep to themselves.

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    Re: England isn't that small that I'm related !

    "wind up" = troll?
    Or, is the "i" a short sound, and "up" is the direction opposite of where a particular chute normally goes?

    I.e., "he's blowing wind up my...."? I.e., just joking. Or, trolling.
    There are questions being asked and stuwall is not answering them. So, seems like a wind up to me.


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      Re: England isn't that small that I'm related !

      Go Blades! Sheffield United!
      Fight On!:sc: Beat the Red Wolves!

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        Re: England isn't that small that I'm related !

        Yeah trolling and a "wind up" are akin to the same thing.

        It's made the national press over here. There is enough stuff in there to make me think he's really that stupid. The team he supports are renowned for having fans that are more interested in fighting than the sport. They were central to the whole football violence thing in the eighties. So to use another expression which hopefully travels "some of them are not the sharpest tools in the box".

        In case it's different stateside, most clubs here give you an RFID based card that lets you in for every home game. He's gone to the box office and asked for his seat (hell knows why). It's not even crossed their mind that he owns the season ticket, they've told him it's already sold, as they would anyone else. I don't think he's got the jist of the questioning, in his mind they told him it's sold before he got there, so it's sold.
        Smile, you never know who's looking !


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