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Camera Pics and glass

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  • Camera Pics and glass

    I might be going to the San diego Zoo soon and I know a few of the exhibits are in glass (reptiles, Kiwis, Mouse house, nursery,etc)

    How do i take pics on a Kodak Easyshare Camera to take a pic of something behiond glass without flash?.
    I know ISO could help..but not helpful in the Bright areas.
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    Re: Camera Pics and glass

    In general, get your lens next to the glass, and if somebody goes with you, have them hold a dark jacket/sweater by the camera to help reduce the reflection on the glass.

    Another option, but maybe costly, is to use a circular polarizer to help cut down any reflection.


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      Re: Camera Pics and glass

      You can usually take great photos by putting the lens of the camera directly against the glass... that's what I do anyway... it will basically just add another layer of glass to the front and behind... clear photo with no glare! Well usually :P


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        Re: Camera Pics and glass

        I have a circular polarizer on my Mavica CD-1000, and just leave it on as an everyday lens protector. They aren't expensive and do help cut window reflections a lot.

        (You do lose a half-stop in low light, though. Take it off if you are trying to get good Dark Ride no-flash shots.)

        Even with a polarizer, you still want to take multiple shots from slightly different angles to the glass as insurance. You often can't see the annoying reflections in the 1-1/2" camera display, but they'll certainly be visible when you try to print a 9X12 of the picture. Same thing with focus or depth of field issues.

        If you bracket the shot with multiple variations, a few on manual focus, a few forcing aperture priority or shutter priority, a few with fill flash, etc., chances are one will turn out usable when you get back to the computer and start editing.

        Digital media is downright cheap - fill the card and toss in another.

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