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iPod Touch Help - Notes Are Gone

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  • iPod Touch Help - Notes Are Gone

    I have an 8gb iPod Touch 4. I have it linked to Gmail for my calendar so it will sync with my Android phone calendar.

    my notes have disappeared and I think it is related to Apple, Microsoft, and Google not playing well together. it didn't start with the notes, so I will have to explain a little to get there.

    it started with my contacts not updating, I would change something online in Gmail and it would not get updated on the touch. I couldn't figure out what was wrong so I went to the Apple Store. at first they didn't know what was wrong, all the settings were correct. they suggested I change the way I connected my Gmail (I was connected directly to Google Gmail). we deleted this account and installed my Gmail account through Microsoft Exchange. this worked and my contacts were updated.

    two days later I went to update a note and found all my notes were gone. I looked into my Gmail online and found them there, I didn't even know that they were being synced there.

    so it looks like I may have to choose between my contacts or my notes unless a solution is found.

    anyone else have this problem?

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