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Little green squares?

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  • Little green squares?

    What do the little green squares under our names mean? If its a rank, what is the ranking order?

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    please use the search function- there are several threads which alread discuss this. Also, when in doubt- check the FAQ's
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      It has been a while since this question has been raised. With all the new people we have had in the last couple of weeks, this is as good a time as any to bring up the question. If you look at the bottom of this web page, there is a listing of other threads that address the same topic.

      The short answer is that they represent Reputation points. The more reputation you receive, the more green boxes you have. You can learn more about Reputation by reading the MiceChat FAQ section that addresses Reputation.

      Hope this helps!
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        Thanks Mamabot for the info. I really appreciate it.

        Dramaqueen that was really rude.


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          Originally posted by phruby
          Thanks Mamabot for the info. I really appreciate it.

          Dramaqueen that was really rude.

          Well now, it says in the MiceChat Rules to check and make sure that the threads you start don't already exist. This topic has already been discussed many times, and its in the FAQ. DramaQueen wasn't trying to be mean or anything, she was merely reminding you to check on this stuff before creating a new thread about it.


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