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  • Font management

    What do PC users use to manage their fonts? (A separate program that allows you to not have ALL the fonts in your system ALWAYS open). I love fonts but on the PC I haven't hear of anything to use (probably because using many different fonts are a mostly graphic design thing, with is primarily done on Macs).

    I am mainly a Mac user and I like Suitecase, but I understand that doesn't work too well on a PC.

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    Re: Font management

    I use Suitcase on my PC without a problem. And graphic design is not mainly done on macs. It used to be around 1988, but that meme is history. Of the four designers I hang with - only one uses a mac.

    Both platforms run the same programs pretty much the same way. It's more of a personal choice than any real technical reason for using either platform for Graphic Design.


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      Re: Font management

      Good to know about Suitcase for the PC, thanks Sambo. But I'll have to disagree with you about which platform most professional graphic designers use. I am a GD and all the companies I've worked for have used Macs. I have found that people who dive into graphic design on their own without schooling/training, do tend to work on PCs. But I do agree that the software programs work just fine on both PC and Mac. (I am not a Mac snob).


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