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Decent DVD creator software

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  • Decent DVD creator software

    Hey Tech Lounge,

    I'm looking to purchase a DVD creator software. I don't need editing software, just one to create the DVD's. Menu's, etc, etc, etc.

    I currently have Roxio Suite 6.0 (or something) but since it's so out-dated it won't allow me to do alot of different things.

    I don't want anything too difficult, I just want to be able to create the menu's, move around the menu options so you can see all of the text on the screen. Roxio doesn't allow me to do this.

    I'd also like to be able to include pictures on my menu and music (although I can live without that one)

    I also don't want to break the bank with a purchase.

    Any thoughts of good ones?

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    Re: Decent DVD creator software

    Upgrade to Roxio 9 (at least) Easy or Deluxe versions. It has all you seek and more. I use it to transform AVI's to DVD complete with custom menus. I've tried a few different ones and this is what I use almost exclusively for quick DVD's with menus. It's simple and gets the job done quickly.

    It can be picked up for under $50.


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      Re: Decent DVD creator software

      I would have to agree, I have Roxio 7.5 and it does all I need, I'm sure 9 has a alot more bells and whistles that I would probably use if I upgraded.

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        Re: Decent DVD creator software

        You might consider one of Pegasys Inc's products, like TMPGENC DVD Author. I use them for making my dvds. Their programs are very thorough, and come in at about 70 dollars on average.


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          Re: Decent DVD creator software

          Thanks for the tips. I just ended up using my Roxio 6 and only putting 2 movies on each menu so I could fit the text.

          I may still upgrade if I decide to make the DVD's more widely available.


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