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  • [Question] Knott's Interview Help

    Alright so I'm trying to be a good friend here and help out my buddy, I understand everyone on Mice Chat is such a great resource - So why not ask here?

    My bestfriend recently quit Disney to take on a "better" / higher paying job, unfortunately that company foreclosed a few months after he accepted the new position and quit Disney.

    He needs 6 months of solid employment before returning to Disney, I suggested Knott's...

    I went with him to the casting center at knott's (what a scary place)

    Not passing judgement on anyone, but he was in a suit - I even wore some nice jeans and a polo and I wasn't applying. He was the only one there in a suit. Everyone else there was in baggy pants, jeans or just regular street clothes. Definitely not appropriate for an interview.

    Anyways -

    They gave him his options and he said Attractions or Security, the guy suggested Security but said that it's a "specialty job" and the interview is a little different -- He said they'll give him a call in 5-14 days most likely.

    Does anyone know what to expect from this interview? What they might ask? Thank You

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    Re: Knott's Interview Help

    If he wore a suit, he's already ahead of the game. Don't know what to expect from a Security interview though, sorry. I'd say keep the suit and wear it again for the second interview.

    You're right about that casting office too — scary place.


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      Re: Knott's Interview Help

      If there is an opening in Security and his guard card is current his odds should be pretty good.


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