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Big guy going to knotts

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  • [Question] Big guy going to knotts

    I was curious how snug some of the rides are at Knotts. I'm 5.9 about 280lbs not a small man. Is there any ride I should avoid?

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    Re: Big guy going to knotts

    Ghostrider is atrocious if you're on the larger size, I'm not much smaller than you and it beats the crap out of my legs and is in general difficult to fit into. Coast Rider may give you similar issues. Silver Bullet does have a plus size seat, you should be ok on that. Honestly a lot of the the rides there are a touch difficult to sit comfortably on as a bigger guy. I think Xcelerator is about the only coaster there that I don't have to fidget too much to get into. Some of the other rides like Supreme Scream should be alright.


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      Re: Big guy going to knotts

      Well, I'm a tall (6'2"), thin guy, and I have a real problem with the overhead restraints like Boomerang because there ends up being like a 3 - 4 ft gap between the restraint and my stomach, but yet it's crushing my shoulders. Montezooma's Revenge is my favorite roller coaster in the park mainly because it has the most comfortable restraint system (seatbelt and lap bar). Ghost Rider is definitely going to be the toughest one (which is too bad as it's probably the best ride in the park), and I probably wouldn't even try Pony Express. Let us know how things worked out for you!
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