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Cedar Fair, L.P. Announces Organizational Changes

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  • Cedar Fair, L.P. Announces Organizational Changes

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    Congratulations to Jack!
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      The board of the publicly traded amusement partnership created the new position of COO to oversee operations at its seven theme parks and five water parks.

      "This is the chance of a lifetime," Falfas said Tuesday from his celebration dinner in Ohio. "I always said I liked my boss and that some day I'm going to be like him. The board gave me a shot at it.

      "And the stock went up a buck-fifty today, so somebody thinks it's a good idea."

      "My only regret is that I don't get to work day-in and day-out with the people I work with now," said Falfas, who has spent more than seven years in Buena Park. "I really love my staff. I love going to work with them. At least I'll get to see them a lot."
      Check out my Theme Park Photos at


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        Jack's going to have to get used to Sandusky winters again,BBBRRRRRRRRRRRRR!


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          I'm sad to see Keller leave the park, he was an awesome GM to work under, and actually strove to make it a better place to work at! Let's hope the transition is smooth! My only concern is when Kinzel leaves the park AND chain in 2007, and how that will effect the company as a whole, as well as Cedar Point.

          Not to sure who Jack Falfas is, and there wasn't anything about him in the company orientation, but I have my hopes up that he'll do an awesome job in his new position! Congrats!


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            Jack is a long time employee of Cedar Fair, his tenure dating back to before there was a Cedar Fair.I know, for he hired me for my first park job over thirty years ago. He literally started from the bottom up,from a ride host, to ride supervisor, to zone supervisor, eventually becoming the GM at CP before they transfered him to Knotts. Jack is a great guy, who really loves his work.


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