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Phobia at Wild Adventures in Valdosta Ga

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  • Phobia at Wild Adventures in Valdosta Ga

    So there's this small park in Valdosta Georgia that I used to go to years ago. They were owned by the same company that also owned Cypress Gardens. Unfortunately the last time I visited that park it was run down. Half the rides didn't work, the food was awful, and there wasn't a bit of shade anywhere in the park. Since then that company declared bankruptcy and the park was bought by the same company who owns Dollywood.

    I wrote a letter to them explaining what I had liked and disliked about the park and let them know that at one point I had an ap but had discontinued it. So they sent me two free tickets to come back and try the park now that they owned it. We decided to head out there this coming Saturday, Sept 27. Well I was pleased to find that that is the day they are starting their own halloween event called Phobia. I'm actually really looking forward to seeing what this will be like. Before then I wasn't too excited to go since I'm not much of a coaster fan, but now it seems worth my time.

    I was just wondering if anyone here had ever been to their phobia event and knew how it compared to what Busch Gardens or Universal does? I'll attempt to take some pictures while I'm there and give a full trip report once I'm back.

    I've linked to their page about the event below.

    Phobia - Wild Adventures

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    Re: Phobia at Wild Adventures in Valdosta Ga

    I'm sorry to report that I won't be making this trip and giving you a report after all. Instead of visiting Wild Adventures this weekend I broke my ankle instead so I'm not going to be visiting any theme parks for a while. By the time I'm healed up this event will be over.


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