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A rainy day at the Huntington Library

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  • [Pictures] A rainy day at the Huntington Library

    Was able to visit the Huntington Library in the rain. I was at first worried to break out my camera, but glad that I did in the end. Thought I'd share a few of the goodies, a few more are available on my Flickr page (Flickr: TheGrimGrinner's Photostream) though I wouldn't dare bore you with them all =P I'm so new to Flickr though, so please let me know if that link does not work for you.

    First stop was the Shakespeare Garden featuring statues of characters from his plays and plants as well! This is Medusa... eh, it's greek. Deal with it.

    Looks like they were cleaning up from Chinese New Year on the path to the Chinese Gardens.

    Some beautiful flowers in bloom. Even in this weather, who would have guessed. Anyone know what this one is though? Couldn't find a sign.

    There are so many rainy day and plant pictures, I don't know which to share!

    Of course the famed Blue Boy painting.

    View wasn't as great as it normally is.

    Okay last one. I really wish I could have gotten better shots of some of the molding, but they were in such hard to shoot areas. Will have to figure something out the next time I go.

    So yes, a small little sample. If you like them, please visit the Flickr and see the others! (Well, not all 400 of them, just about 30). I really enjoyed having a rainy day trip out there as it's fun to see the gardens in the different climates of the year. King of wanted to get out to the Mausoleum for some awesome shots in the rain, but ran out of time.



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    Re: A rainy day at the Huntington Library

    great pictures.... the Huntington Library is one of the most beautiful places... especially the botanical gardens

    I remember taking a field trip there when I was in elementary school and the paintings there are so beautiful.
    Add me... I dont bite LOL!

    Commence Dragulation... Dragulation complete!!


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      Re: A rainy day at the Huntington Library

      I love The Huntington. Thank you for this.


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        Re: A rainy day at the Huntington Library

        Great pictures. I hope to bring the kids there someday soon. My wife an I went alone last year and really enjoyed ourselves.


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          Re: A rainy day at the Huntington Library

          Beautiful pictures from a rainy day! Thanks for posting this here! Your photos on flickr are awesome too! I just got my membership card for 2009 and am eagerly waiting to put it good use.


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