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Reign Of Terror visit 10/26

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  • Trip Report Reign Of Terror visit 10/26

    On Oct 26th we went to Reign of Terror located in Thousand Oaks just a short drive for us off the 101. Reign of Terror is an indoor haunted attraction so you do NOT have to worry about weather at all. New for this year is an addition called Miner's Revenge. It is 4 haunted houses in one. Miner's Revenge, The Haunted House, Blood Manor and The Asylum. It is 10,000 square feet. You can purchase your tickets at the ticket booth. Regular tickets are $15 and VIP are $25( but you go in a separate line to the front instead of waiting in the regular long queue.

    What we did was buy VIP tickets and then bought a return regular ticket for only $10(second time thru discount of $5). Warning: the regular queue can take up to an hour or longer. That's why we went with VIP first and then went back in with regular. The regular line you go by a makeshift porch of a house and into "The Lost Souls Saloon" where you come upon a skeleton bartender. Before coming out and walking by what reminds me of an Emotep from Revenge of the Mummy the Ride. Before reaching the beginning of the line.

    What is nice and I wish Universal would do this is they separate the line by taking just your group only. They rotate each side as well so VIP does go quicker but at the same time both lines move. Also because they do this you never see anyone else ahead of you and you really feel like you are alone going thru each house.

    Miner's Revenge: is all new this year. I was deathly afraid to go thru this part at the beginning and even hesitated to go back thru it for a second time. Let's just say way better than Universal's "My Bloody Valentine" maze. The talent obviously loves what they do. The scares are a plenty. The detail is just amazing and why we went thru it a second time. I don't want to give anything away first time thru an actor really scared me because I wasn't prepared for where he came from.10/10

    The Haunted House: the first time thru there is just so much to see that you definitely need to stop and take everything in. They do rely on gags and props as well as live actors. This is probably my favorite of the 4 to be honest. There is a dining room scene in this part as well as Blood Manor so I thought we were going in circles at one point. 10/10

    Blood Manor: this seemed the longest. I do not want to spoil it for anyone but there is an actor who knows how to really freak scare guests and use a prop the right way. Some props are definitely from Universal. They also seem use smells as well this year. I don't want to give anything away. 10/10

    In between Blood Manor and the Asylum there is a part where even Matt ended up getting scared. I hardly see him jump but somehow I managed to look back and see him jump.

    The Asylum: this is almost the same as last year but I still think its really well done. This is the part of the entire attraction that is more like show scenes going on in each room rather than just jump out and scare you type. It reminds me a bit of Universal but in a much improved way. 10/10

    The talent sure love what they do. I definitely enjoy going back every year. This is a must do attraction.

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    Re: Reign Of Terror visit 10/26

    awesome trip report. reading that gives me the chills already lol. thanks


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      Re: Reign Of Terror visit 10/26

      You are welcome. Like I have stated this little haunted attraction has grown into something amazing that is in some ways even better than Universal and the big boys out there. It's closer to home for us and for the money (proceeds of each ticket sold goes to charity). With this years expansion it is the best yet. It is one of my favorites that I look forward to every year.


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        Re: Reign Of Terror visit 10/26

        oh that is nice


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