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Attack Mr. Six

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  • Attack Mr. Six

    So I was at AMC today and before the film they had a Six Flags commercial. It involved this dude in shoulder pads gather people and they then storm a Six Flags park. In the process the encounter Mr. Six at the gate and run him over.

    I know the new management doesn't like Mr. Six, but I thought this was sort of odd. He's still pictured here in Georgia and he is even on my 2006 Season Pass. I'm not sure how people will react to a rather odd (and weak IMO) character running down Mr. Six who did seem to work.

    Your thoughts?

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    Re: Attack Mr. Six

    It is not the most prudent thing for any amusement park to show any of their characters, or mascots, being disrespected in anyway. Especially true for the guests here at SFMM, where we are shifting our marketing toward families, but our primary guests are still obnoxious teens. It is a bad idea to show these teens, that is acceptable behavior to knock over someone in their park. Worst campain they could have ever thought of. It would have been better if they showed a commercial of employees at the front gate handing weapons (2 by4s, chains, rocks) and let them all attack Bugs Bunny by Valenica Falls.


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      Re: Attack Mr. Six

      Yeah, the guy had a flag on a pole, pointed it at Mr. Six like a lance and headed the charge. The character was also extremely weak.

      Speaking of Magic Mountain, the park was not Magic Mountain (as is usualy with Six Flags commercials). And it was mostly teens, a few parents included, that were storming the gate.


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