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Dollywood announces Mystery Mine

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  • Dollywood announces Mystery Mine

    Mystery Mine, scheduled to open at Dollywood in spring 2007, is the United States’ first system based on Gerstlauer’s Euro-fighter ride, which combines an intimate guest experience with hair-raising 95-degree drops. Located in Dollywood’s Timber Canyon area, Mystery Mine is themed as a long-abandoned coal mine with an eerie past. Mystery Mine utilizes a state-of-the-art show experience built on special effects, audio and lots of excitement.

    Layout Steel, sit-down
    Vertical lifts 2
    Track length 1,811 feet
    Ride duration 2 minutes, 30 seconds
    Maximum speed 46 miles per hour
    Tallest vertical drop 85 feet at 95 degrees
    Inversions1 Heart-line Roll; 1 Rollover Loop
    Vehicles 7 cars that carry 8 passengers; 4 passengers per row
    Capacity 1,000 passengers per hour
    Area 1.1 acres
    Minimum Height Requirement 48 inches
    Facility ConstructionDollywood Maintenance & Construction
    Ride Manufacturer Gerstlauer Elektro GmbH - Munsterhausen, Germany
    Project Producer B Dudash & Associates, Inc.Scenic Fabrication
    Adirondack Scenic - Saratoga Springs, NYSpecial Effects
    Entech Creative - Orlando, FL
    Audio/Video Systems Edwards Technologies - Los Angeles, CA
    Attraction DesignForrec Ltd. - Toronto, CanadaProject Producer
    B Dudash & Associates, Inc.

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    Re: Dollywood announces Mystery Mine

    That looks cool! Fun little video too!


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      Re: Dollywood announces Mystery Mine

      I visited Dollywood once.

      I was on business in Tenn and decided to take a drive over to Pigeon Forge for the afternoon and sight-see, since I had never been there before.

      After driving by numerous churches and "Elvis" places (you know...Elvis ate here, slept here, worshipped here, etc...) I finally arrived at PF.

      I saw Dollywood, and even though it was closed (March), I drove into the parking lot. I notice a large access gate wide open, so I decided to drive in and see what I could see. I figured that I'd put on my "dumb tourist face" and see what was there. A few moments later, I was driving down a Main St type of place. I saw delivery trucks and folks milling around doing projects. No one seemed to care that I was there, so I kept driving around. I got a lot of pics of the place and I even stopped to use one of the restrooms! I then figured that I had had enough fun (didn't want to wear out my welcome...what welcome???) and left the Park.

      Unfortunately, no Dolly sightings...

      Some day I'll go back as a paying guest! LOL


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        Re: Dollywood announces Mystery Mine

        Yeah my expirience on a Gerstlauer was fun. They make smooth little rides...

        But for the most expensive Dollywood expansion in history part of me is wondering why don't they shoot for a longer ride? Or taller? Perhaps something besides the gimic of a 95 degree drop...I dunno I guess the specs didn't have me going "sweet!" like I was expecting from the teasers. Though the special effects could be good.


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          Re: Dollywood announces Mystery Mine

          Do they still have the old mine boat ride? I used to really enjoy that one as a kid. It was similar to pirates, but I remember it being a ride through an old mine where prisoners were used or something. If I remember correctly there had been a gas problem or something which killed everyone. They also had a cool little indoor roller coaster dark ride which was themed to fire fighters.

          They had a great old wooden roller coaster years ago, unfortunately the last time I was there they'd replaced it with some non descript steel coaster that just didn't have the same charisma as the old ones. Aside from the one long log flume kind of ride they had that you had to hike up a mountain to get to that's all I remember liking in the park. I'm no big fan of country music so most of what they had bored me.

          I did enjoy their dark rides and that old wooden coaster though.


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            Re: Dollywood announces Mystery Mine

            I've been to Pigeon Forge many times but never to Dollywood (it was still "closed for the winter" whenever we went). My folks have been there a few times and liked it. I'd like to go back sometime and see it for myself. I want to hit Gatlinburg again too... I love that little town. I got a craving for some Smoky Mountain taffy.


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              Re: Dollywood announces Mystery Mine

              Surprised it was closed for the winter... they have a lot of stuff going on at the park for Christmas.


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                Re: Dollywood announces Mystery Mine

                We went past Pigeon Forge on our way up to Gatlinberg. Nice Place up there in the Smokeys.


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                  Re: Dollywood announces Mystery Mine

                  Originally posted by FrumiousBoojum
                  Surprised it was closed for the winter... they have a lot of stuff going on at the park for Christmas.
                  It was March 1991 last time I was there.


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