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  • San Diego Wild Animal Park

    Hey all,
    I'm looking for a SDWAP regular who can fill me in on details of the changes to the park's transportation system. I know the basics. WGASA going bye bye, Africa tour opening on the back half of the old route next year, Asia tour to follow, but I'm looking for more details. Thanks.

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    Re: San Diego Wild Animal Park

    Well with the new tour the old wgasa trains are getting kicked out like you said and they are going to have a tram instead of the train, kind of like the tram at Disneyland. So you will still have the narrators like now but I'm not sure if they'll have to change also. Also the tram will go into the African area which is closed now and to that mountain habitat with all the sheep, it's closed because they are getting rid of the old train track in that area and that should be opened in less than a year. SO when the new tour opens they'll close the part of the tour which is opened now and take out that old track and get it ready for a seperate tour.

    So in the end there should be 2 shorter tours one going into Africa, and one going into Asia. I don't really like this but oh well hopefully it'll still be about the animals and not other stuff.


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