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  • Efteling

    As I am nog the best writer in english I wanted to show you people a little fototour about the Efteling which is one of my favourite themeparks.
    What I like the most about the park? Even though the park has some very good rides (fata morgana is a top of the top darkride) I can spend hours in the park without even thinking about going on a ride. The park has so much natural beaty and so much ambiance that you can keep walking around!

    I hope you'll enjoy the pictures, and when you visit the netherlands don't forget to scedule an Efteling visit!

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    Re: Efteling

    Originally posted by borderman View Post

    What amazing pictures and a beautiful theme park!! Those three pictures are my favorite. I love them!

    Thank you for posting--I'd love to hear more about Efteling.


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      Re: Efteling

      I can't get enough of this park. It looks so beautiful.

      Thanks for the pictures Borderman. Keep them coming.

      What time of year is best to visith Efteling?
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        Re: Efteling

        I'm sucked into their website!

        Beautiful park. I want to ride the Pagoda and Monsieur Cannibale! Wow, I would rather visit the Netherlands over Walt Disney World right now. I wanted to go anyway, this just seals the deal.


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          Re: Efteling

          I've just took some time to find some extra pictures, enjoy!

          This toad can be entered by kids, which really like to play there!

          A further impression on the lovely gnome village. (if i've translated that right)

          Another view on the impressive building of Fata Morgana and it's lake.

          One of the fairy tales

          The Anton Pieck square, named at the creator of the oldest part of the park!

          Won't everybody love to drive their own train???


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            Re: Efteling

            It is so pretty there. I live in Oregon, and I can tell the climate is similar by the plants and trees.

            I want to go!


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              Re: Efteling

              HOly crap its pretty. I wanna go.
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                Re: Efteling

                that park is very beautiful
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                  Re: Efteling

                  Looks like we need to MC trip to the Netherlands!

                  Great pictures. The park looks beautiful


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                    Re: Efteling

                    *Saving for Holland Trip*

                    wooow... just gorgeous. :bow:



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                      Re: Efteling

                      Wow is that beautiful! Such detail and imagination!

                      I've always wanted to visit the Netherlands (my paternal grandparents were Dutch). If I ever go, this amusment park will certainly be on my list of things to do in Holland!!!!

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                        Re: Efteling

                        Oh wow, it's stunning and beautiful. I would love to go.

                        Thank you for shareing your pictures, I had never heard of Efteling until now....but WOW.


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                          Re: Efteling

                          Also see the story by Tony Schonewille on MiceAge!


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                            Re: Efteling

                            Awesome pictures! Do you, by any chance, have the first 3 (nighttime ones) in wallpaper format? You're clearly a better photographer than I am

                            Ah, this weekend no Efteling for me. Next weekend and the one afterwards are the final weekends of the season - I'll be sure to visit then of course.

                            As for the best time of the year to visit De Efteling - spring is the quietest time. Summertime means longer operating hours. Winter means some closed rides (the coasters, mostly) but a very nice atmosphere. In general, I don't think it matters too much when you visit.

                            If any of you MiceChatters are ever visiting the Netherlands (or Disneyland Paris of course ), and want to visit De Efteling, let me know. I'll be glad to help where I can
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                              Re: Efteling

                              When I'm in Amsterdam to see my cousins, I will make a trip over there. Thanks for the photos!
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