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Question Regarding the USF resort

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  • Question Regarding the USF resort

    I saw Martin Smith's new tribute video to USF '90 and it gave me a couple of questions. I've only been to IOA a couple of years ago (it was around '02) so I know nothing of the former resort. Here's my questions:
    1. When did the original Hard Rock Cafe close?
    2. What is the building used for now?
    3. What did they do to the original park's entrance? (it looks like the globe was moved/rebuilt and the arch rebuilt)
    4. What was the problem with the original Jaws attraction? Why the complete re-build?
    5. How did Universal handle the crowds while building City Walk/Parking Structures?
    6. Do you know of any useful USF history sites?
    I think that's it for now, any help is appreciated....
    - Horizonsfan

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    Re: Question Regarding the USF resort

    I believe the original Hard Rock Cafe building is abandoned. You can see it if you go to the very back of the Woody Woodpecker or whoever it is play area. I remember the Psycho set replica that was by there. Loved looking at it even though it gave me major heebie jeebies.


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      Re: Question Regarding the USF resort

      I've seen it on Live Local and it looks abandoned but I was thinking there was no way Universal would just shut down a build so close to the park with no intention of using it.
      - Horizonsfan


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        Re: Question Regarding the USF resort

        #1 Here's a link to a Universal PDF about the original Hard Rock Cafe being available for implosion from back in 2003. it also says the year the original was closed. http://studio.florida.universalstudi..._Implosion.pdf

        #2 I honestly don't know or have a clue what they use it for now.

        #3 I think they're both new from the ground up and are located in different areas now then the originals .

        #4 I never heard the official word but the rumor I remember was in part due to
        lightning problems, poor design and frequent breakdowns.

        #5 I don't remember any real probs, the old parking lot was in front of USF and to the left of it, basically where Seuss Landing and The Lost Continent are now, as well as there was over flow parking behind some of the operation buildings behind the soundstages and behind the park. The side and rear lots were serviced by a tram in which the loading area was about where HRL/HRC are now and also not too far from the old globe.

        Then once the first (5 level) garage was done, they ripped up the old parking lots at USF, for part of CW and IoA. They had the flat esculators from the garage go to where the esculators for valet parking are now, then you'd go down them and walk on a pathway that went behind where the movie theaters and Nascar Cafe area is now, and you'd walk up to the park from there. Eventually they extended it all the way to CW and you walked through it while it waspartially built and being finished. Then as some of CW was open they opened up the other garage (6 levels) a little prior to IoA's opening.

        # 6 I guess you could try Universal Excitement .com as well as IOA Central .com too to start and if you don't find it there you might try doing some hardcore googling. LoL

        Here are some pics of some old USF stuff I have. I apologize ahead of time for the lack of a scanner and doing my ghetto best for the construction pics of pics.)

        Hope this helps you in some form.


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          Re: Question Regarding the USF resort

          the old cafe is close to the hard rock hotel and i believe used for storage...

          the arch was not moved i believe.. just rehabbed and of course painted..

          the old globe was where the grassy patch is now... same with tram drop off..

          the crowds were simple.. build 4 garages in the back most part of property, then remove parking lot an have a path behind the construction.. then move it through the construction and then your done.

          the original jaws had mechanical issues, mainly with a turntable element and had to be rebuilt after suing the original manufacture.


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            Re: Question Regarding the USF resort

            If you go back by the Curious George area, you will see the old Hard Rock building.
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              Re: Question Regarding the USF resort

              Thanks everyone! Of course, more information is welcomed!
              - Horizonsfan


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