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  • King Kong 3D

    Maybe this is the wrong place, but the only forum I visit here and the conversations I read I think this could fit in. I didn't see any discussion here about this, probably was... just weighing in that I'm a bit disappointed that King Kong was redone in 3D. 3D just doesn't replace a real, live action adventure... star tours works beautifully as a projection and I think the 3D experience (while donning the glasses sucks) will really add to the ride. However all the shots I have seen of KK just really make it seem like the cheaper way out... throw in some screens and projections, done. No need to build huge facades, no need to create new immersive technologies, no need for a really large anamatronic banana breathing beast.

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    Re: King Kong 3D

    Try here:

    Micechat > Celebrate the Parks > Other Theme Parks and Destinations > Universal Stuidos

    There's already a fair bit of talk about KK360:3D

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      Re: King Kong 3D

      my two Cents:

      KK3D= complete waste of money
      would of been cheaper, and more appealing to just remake to original Kong
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        Re: King Kong 3D

        I think Universal hurts for attendance, so any chance they can do something new and try to get some people in the park they probably jump on it.


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          Re: King Kong 3D

          Originally posted by jesterjack View Post
          my two cents:

          Kk3d= complete waste of money
          would of been cheaper, and more appealing to just remake to original kong


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            Re: King Kong 3D

            the worst complain is that eventhough the screens are long they are not very tall and you could see the bottom and top of the screen where the projection ends.

            If that is true that really destroys the illusion. Also could they not at least hide the showbuilding a bit more. They added this awefully fake looking rockwork at the entrance of the building but left the main building walls exposed right where the tram passes and goes up the ramp to the building.

            Why not plant lots of heavy foliage and at least paint the building to hide it a bit


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              Re: King Kong 3D

              I don't think its a waste of money since, millions of people seems to be going to Universal to See Kong. I see this being there big Ride for two years. Not to mention we can one day see some OTHER 3D stuff added to that room (Im think Horror nights)
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