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Universal Hollywood - Halloween Saw '?'

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  • Universal Hollywood - Halloween Saw '?'

    I just read an update from MiceAge about the 'Saw' Maze opening up. They talk about "blood" squirting all over yourself and what-not. What is this 'blood'? Does it clean off or stain or what?
    I'm really thinking about taking a trip to Hollywood to see this attraction, I'm a big fan of the francise, with the scares and all; but I don't want a bunch of 'punch' like material thrown at me and staining myself for the rest of my stay.
    If this is normal, I don't want to be a "no-no" guy and say that this is a bad thing, but it would really force my opition of not going if this is the case.
    If anyone has any input, I would like to know. Maybe I would go, if it's worth it, anyways.
    Heck, Splash Mt, GGR, JP, and other rides have 'soaked' written all over it. I just wanna know if this is like pigs blood or kool aid or water? What is this stuff?

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    Re: Universal Hollywood - Halloween Saw '?'

    Its just water sprayed at you...


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      Re: Universal Hollywood - Halloween Saw '?'

      it is perhaps the most annoying water you'll ever have squirted at you. sadly HHN seems to think that it works great for startle-scares, but after about the 5th time you get beaned in the face by the water, you'll find yourself being completely over it.

      I don't know why HHN Hollywood has to put so much emphasis on the water going directly for your face, when we went the HHN Orlando a couple years ago, they also had water in a couple (read: a couple, not ALL) of their mazes and it wasn't the least bit annoying, it actually worked very well
      Will there be screams when the sun sets,
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        Re: Universal Hollywood - Halloween Saw '?'

        yes they squirt pigs blood on you LMAO

        save a lame experience and go to knotts scary farm ;P


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