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At the Museum This Weekend - 3/28/10

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  • At the Museum This Weekend - 3/28/10

    I'll be at the museum again this weekend for the Harriet Burns session and a little time in the galleries on Sunday.

    As with last time, if you have any questions, or there is something in the galleries you want checked out, just ask and I'll don't what I can. Post here or PM me.

    A Trip Report will follow on Monday or Tuesday.


    Disclaimer, the Museum doesn't allow photography in the galleries. So don't ask, because I won't.
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    Re: At the Museum This Weekend - 3/28/10

    I've been to all of the discussions/lectures at the WDFM since opening, and just like the others, this one failed to disappoint.

    I really enjoyed hearing Pam's stories about her mom, and watching that video interview with Harriet, conducted by Tim O'Day. I purchased the book in the gift shop beforehand, and jumped in line immediately after the presentation for the signing. I poured through the book cover-to-cover that evening, and have since re-read several of my favorite entries, relishing all the wonderful stories about such a fabulous lady. It's a great little tribute book with plenty of terrific photos and engaging tales about "Walt's favorite Imagineer."

    But to be perfectly honest... that one photo from Harriet's WDI retirement party in 1986 was deeply disturbing, of Tony Baxter kissing Harriet on the mouth! Ain't no way to get that image out of my brain. Ever!

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      Re: At the Museum This Weekend - 3/28/10

      I have not been able to attend all of the sessions at the Museum, but I agree, I have definitely not be disappointed by the ones that I have attended.

      I too enjoyed the session very much, and have posted a trip report of the event. And like you, I purchased the book (and two scarves) before the session. However the book was for my future imagineer, and we joyously stood in line to get it signed afterward.

      What I have discovered from my attendance at these sessions is that all the presenters have been geniunely friendly people.

      As for the Tony Baxter picture, sorry don't know what to tell that might help you get over that one.
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