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IMAX and glasses

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  • IMAX and glasses

    Hi everyone,

    Just a question for those who have seen a movie in IMAX. I'm planning to go see the Dark Knight soon and an IMAX theater is one of my options. The problem is, I wear glasses for distance, and the descriptions says that an IMAX screen "takes up your entire field of view," meaning that you only see the screen and nothing else. When I wear my glasses, I can see the rims of my glasses with my peripheral vision. Do you think that will detract anything from the IMAX experience? I guess I could just turn my head around to see whatever edge of the screen I want, but I'll see what you guys think of the situation.


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    Re: IMAX and glasses

    I dont think so. I saw Dark Knight in IMAX, just remember not the whole movie is int he format. All it is its just the movie on a big screen.


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      Re: IMAX and glasses

      I think it depends on the size of the screen relative to the layout of the seats and the size of the theatre. If you're sitting in the back half of the house, say, it may be that the screen really won't completely fill your periphery. If you're in the front, yes, chances are the IMAX screen would likely fill your periphery.


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        Re: IMAX and glasses

        I actually wound up taking my glasses off (My vision isn't that bad, just for reading signs at a distance and such) and seeing everything fine because it is just so big. I was sitting close to the front though.


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          Re: IMAX and glasses

          I have incredibly terrible nearsightedness (can't see clearly unless object is within 12 inches of my face =D ). We see many movies in IMAX and never have a problem with it. It's like sitting close to any screen. You are focused on where the action is happening and your peripheral vision is seen, but kind of ignored. If the action moves... you turn your head.

          I highly recommend seeing it in IMAX as the sheer size really adds to things. Only a handful of scenes for the Dark Knight were actually filmed in true IMAX format (70mm), the rest is simply converted to the larger size from regular film stock (35mm).

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            Re: IMAX and glasses

            Yeah, my glasses haven't ever been an issue when watching IMAX.
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              Re: IMAX and glasses

              Cool, that's great. I'm trying to get a chance to go to an IMAX theater, but it looks like gas prices are lowering those chances...we'll see.


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