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Waterworld 2-disc Extended Edition

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  • Waterworld 2-disc Extended Edition

    Personally, I think this was a cool popcorn flick. The Universal show is always good (why Slaughterworld lacks, who knows...)

    I've been waiting for something like this. 1 disc is the extended version with 40 more minutes. 2nd disc is the theatrical cut. But I haven't read anything on bonuses .

    It would have been awesome to have special features on the movie and anotherone for the Universal show and a complete recording of it. The show is 13 years old!

    I just wanted to let the word out on this since it didn't seem to get much advertising. Was released Nov 4, 2008 and would like to see this in my x-mas stocking

    EDIT: PS, it seems to be quite hard and expensive to find a CD soundtrack for this film. Luckily I got mine at a moderate cost from ebay

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    Re: Waterworld 2-disc Extended Edition

    I've never seen Waterworld, and to be honest it's because of all the negative press it's received. I should probably give it a fair shake and watch it sometime.


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      Re: Waterworld 2-disc Extended Edition

      I always liked Waterworld and the show at Uni. Thanks for the info, I'll be on the look out for it.
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