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Aerospace engineering and Imagineering

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  • Aerospace engineering and Imagineering

    Hello everyone. First off, let me introduce myself. My name is Curtis and I am a 23 yr old Disney buff, and I am an especially big fan of Epcot. I have been to Disney World at least once a year for every year of my age. Sometimes 2 or 3 times in one year (I grew up in south Fl).

    Anyway, my question is, yet another, Imagineering question. I am an aerospace engineering major with pretty good experience as an editor for a college literary arts magazine. I have also had some poetry and short stories published. So I was wondering if anyone had anything to say about what a guy with an aerospace engineering degree and some creative writing experience can expect when trying to get into WDI.

    I realize that being published in a college magazine is probably not a big deal, but it does show at least an inkling of creativity. I also plan to expand on that by taking classes in something like graphic design or creative writing for film. I would like to take classes in pencil art, but it seems like that is not too practical these days.

    Well, that's it I guess. I just want to see what kind of conversation this start. Sorry if any of you guys get annoyed with all of the imagineering stuff. But it seems like most Disney buffs never get tired of talking about it.
    "Those who say that something can not be done, should not interrupt those who are doing it."- If anyone know who said this, please let me know.

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