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Disney Stock Market Shares Up 13%! (Dispite 97% Drop In Box Office/Home Video)

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  • Disney Stock Market Shares Up 13%! (Dispite 97% Drop In Box Office/Home Video)

    Disney shares jump after analysts' upgrades -

    Stock market analysts upgraded their ratings, based on strong results that surpassed industry expectations from theme parks, Disney Channel, ABC Family, and ESPN sports. Up jumped the boogy! With the relese of company stability, shares rose 13%, analogous to a 26% quarterly earnings drop posted by WDC on the previous day.

    Movie studios are apparently the largest liability for the company, presently. A 97% drop in earnings from box office and home videos. Sounds to me like the economy is causing more people to stay home and watch television rather than spend extra dollars on going to theaters, or renting or buying videos at stores.

    It comes as a surprise to me that Disney theme parks are considered stable. The parks are a luxury expenditure to guests that attend them. Perhaps sound marketing/investment efforts have induced the public into believing theme park going is an activity worth going out of their way and budgeting for.

    Movies used to spur the parks in terms of revenue funding. Now, the opposite seems true. Though, cable looks to be the big boon for Disney. It's going to have to come up with a more profitable game plan where feature film boxoffice and home videos are concerned.
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