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this dvd is awesome!

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  • this dvd is awesome!

    i just got my new dvd in the mail... the extremely hard to find "mickey mouse in living color volume 1"... its so cool, it was a birthday preasent that came in a little early, i got it in the house and put on a pair of gloves (so that i can say that the tin has never been touched by hands) i popped in the dvd and wacthed my favorite (the lonesome ghosts) but then i put it back and saved the rest for when my parents get home... this thing is awesome, i can understand that there are hardly any bonus features on it because it was from the early days of dvd's but that doesnt destroy how truely cool this set is... i also watched the rather strange advertisement for nabisco... that is one of the weirdest cartoons i have ever seen, but it really is a pretty nice set... the collectable art is a nice touch and like the tin... i handled it with gloves on (im such a loser

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    Re: this dvd is awesome!

    Did you get it from amzon? Who was your seller? I ordered some of my Disney Treasures from a seller named Better Buy. Such a great sales person he is.


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