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Looking for a particular Disney Christmas Cartoon

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  • Looking for a particular Disney Christmas Cartoon

    I can't remember the title but it was a two part cartoon. Judging by the animation it looks like it was done in the 1930s or 40s. The first part was at Santa's workshop with all the toys being made. The second part was about Santa delivering the toys and all the toys were decorating a Christmas tree. It may have been Disney's version of Night Before Christmas but I'm not sure. The reason I can't remember much about it is that the last time I saw it (on VHS) I must've been about 7 or 8 years old. I also recall it had the cartoon how Chip and Dale are living in Mickey and Pluto's Christmas tree. Does anyone one know the actuall name of this cartoon and if it is available on DVD?

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    Re: Looking for a particular Disney Christmas Cartoon

    It sounds like the first one you're talking about is a Silly Symphony entitled "Santa's Workshop" from 1932. I don't know if it's been released anywhere. I don't think I recall it being on the Walt Disney Treasures Silly Symphonies DVD, but it could be worth a check!
    The other you asked about is called "Pluto's Christmas Tree" from 1952. That's available on Walt Disney Treasures Mickey Mouse in Living Color Volume 2.
    Both are adorable shorts!


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      Re: Looking for a particular Disney Christmas Cartoon

      Actually I have that particular set of cartoons on VHS in a clamshell. Its called A Disney Christmas. There are 4 cartoons on it. The 2 'Santa' Cartoons, one of Pluto with Chip and Dale, and I think the last one was a Donald cartoon. They quit making it in the early 80's. I've never seen it on DVD.
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        Re: Looking for a particular Disney Christmas Cartoon


        I think the video you mentioned is the same one I saw. I sort of put the clues together and searched for it first on Amazon with no luck. Then I went onto e-bay and searched for it there. Here's what I found out about it:

        2-part Silly Symphonies cartoon
        Part 1: Santa's Workshop
        Part 2: The Night Before Christmas

        I hope Disney puts this out on DVD. It's one of the more memorable cartoons from my days as a kid. Used copies are pretty rare, searched on e-bay and only one copy came up with a price tag of $49.95!


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