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"Alien Anthology" Blu-ray is coming...

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  • "Alien Anthology" Blu-ray is coming...

    If you thought the DVD set was impressive, wait till the Blu-ray hatches. From sneak peek reviews, the films are very stunning, not only visually but audio is powerful. No doubt the Alien franchise is not only unique but each film has their own character & style. The Blu-ray special edition package is the best I've ever seen, the blu-rays are hidden in the egg, and each blu-ray has each own packaged sleeve.

    Here's a normal package design...

    And yes, James Cameron, even though he was doing Avatar, he took time for a complete remaster of the director cut of Aliens for blu-ray, a artist indeed, working with the same colorist with whom he had worked on Avatar. In what is sure to ignite some controversy, Cameron said he had completely removed "all noise and grain" from the extended version of the film. The same story each director for the rest of the alien films. The extras are so long, you can watch for over 2 weeks...

    You ready?
    OCT 26, 2010
    [ame=""]YouTube- Alien Anthology[/ame]
    [ame=""]YouTube- Alien Anthology: The Blu-ray Event![/ame]

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