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STAR TREK coming soon from Bryan Singer?

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  • STAR TREK coming soon from Bryan Singer?

    12:00 AM, 03-DECEMBER-05 Singer Considers Trek Movie

    Bryan Singer, an avowed Star Trek fan, told SCI FI Wire that he's thought about directing a Trek movie. "I'm a huge fan," Singer said in an interview at the Nov. 30 premiere of the SCI FI Channel's upcoming original miniseries The Triangle, which he executive-produced with Dean Devlin.

    Singer added: "We're huge Trekkies. And we've always talked about what we would do, and what would I do, if I were to make a film in that universe."

    It's unclear when or if Paramount will mount another Trek film, since its last effort, Star Trek: Nemesis, did poorly at the box office and the last Trek series, Star Trek: Enterprise, was canceled after drawing low ratings.

    Singer has kept a strong link with the Trek universe. He made a cameo appearance in Nemesis. He also worked on the last two X-Men films with The Next Generation's Patrick Stewart (Jean-Luc Picard). Singer is currently finishing Superman Returns and is working on his next project, an update of the SF movie Logan's Run.

    "Again, you know, it's the same thing: X-Men, Superman, Logan's Run, all these things: There are these incredible universes, really," Singer said, adding: "You kind of wish you could play in them all. I mean, I got to do a cameo in the last Star Trek film; that was a thrill. I got to be on the Enterprise when it was under attack."

    As for what he would do in his version of a Star Trek movie? "[That's] a longer story," he said. "It would involve ... it would be big. It would be very big."
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    Re: STAR TREK coming soon from Bryan Singer?

    Wow! A guy like Singer could really revitalize the Trek universe and bring out an audience again. I enjoyed Nemesis, but feel they need to give the whole universe a rest for a few years before trying anything else. Even the Trekkies are bored with it at this point, they need to take a break then come back with something fresh and exciting. I think Singer would be an excellent choice for that eventual relaunch.


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      Re: STAR TREK coming soon from Bryan Singer?

      Stewart Says Next Trek In 2-3 YearsPosted: Sunday December 4th, 2005 3:34amSource: TeletextAuthor: Garth Franklin Captain Jean-Luc Picard himself, Patrick Stewart told UK's Teletext that plans are afoot to make another "Star Trek" feature film and NOT the apparent 'prequel' we've all been told about.

      According to Trekweb, he says "About four months ago at a meeting in Los Angeles the subject was raised quite seriously from a very interesting point of view. I have been saying for four years now that it's over. No fantasies about it coming back, the space suits have been hung up for good".

      He continued "But there are weighty people in Hollywood who are very interested in one more run around the holodeck. There are serious plans. I was told this may happen two or three years down the road, by which time I'll be able to sit again in the captain's chair, but then again, it's not all that far away and if I'm in good shape I'd love to do it".


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        Re: STAR TREK coming soon from Bryan Singer?

        If they do another Trek movie hopefuly it's TNG. I agree that waiting is a good thing. I'm not saying wait 5-10 years but a few years would be good. It will be nice to see the whole gang together again.



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          Re: STAR TREK coming soon from Bryan Singer?

          I'd love to see Bryan Singer take a stab at it! I absolutely love what he's done with X-Men, and I think ST really needs some fresh blood.
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