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Scary Skull in Bambi?

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  • Scary Skull in Bambi?

    I asked this in another forum but it doesn't seem to be getting any responses. Here is what I had posted:

    Wait! It's not what it sounds like! Just hear me out.

    So I have been reading "Walt Disney: The Triumph of the American Imagination" and as probably has happened with many a reader I began watching movies as I read about them being made and released. I now watch Snow White in a whole different light! As I was watching Bambi I notice that at the end of "Little April Showers" just as the storm was ending and the sun was about to come out you see a scary skull in the clouds. My kids see it as well. Maybe we just have active imaginations. Is this something that was placed there on purpose or is it something that was just a mix of lines that happen to resemble a skull?

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    Re: Scary Skull in Bambi?

    wow. you saw that . what part is that again?

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    i guess imaginations does things like that.


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      Re: Scary Skull in Bambi?

      Just as the storm is about to end the movie cuts to the dark clouds. I can see something that looks like an evil face or a skull and then as the sun starts to come out the clouds part and split the face. MAybe it's just me.


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