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(Pixar characters) has anyone ever noticed?

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  • (Pixar characters) has anyone ever noticed?

    i have always loved this about pixar movies... how they break away from normal movies in that (except for the incredibles) the main charecters are never a human... i love that... im surprised they have not made a movie focused around the life of pets yet... has anyone ever noticed that thogh... theyre never human charecters... infact in most of theyre films humans are hardly considered having a part (example... a bugs life,toy story(with the exeptipn of andy)

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    I believe this is partly because of the fact that up until the Incredibles, the animators didn't yet think they had perfected human characters to the point of them being able to carry a film yet. The thecniques and technology improve with each film. I don't think it has been a conscious effort to only focus on nonhuman characters.


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      each movie is about fixing one problem and improving it.. bugs was in intro.. ut then watch finding nemo.. huge leap... (and the water was fixed..)

      Incredibles was fixing humans... and look at the little things from each movie included.... the water used the same technique....


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