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Marvels of engineering span the globe - Toronto Star - Jan 26, 2006

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  • Marvels of engineering span the globe - Toronto Star - Jan 26, 2006

    The most visible landmark on Hong Kong's Lantau Island is a 26-metre bronze Buddha resting on a hilltop. The island is lush and mountainous and has a mystical look; no wonder it is filled with temples and monasteries and is sometimes called the Island of Prayer.
    Although half of Lantau has been officially marked as park area, like the rest of the world, developers can't let sleeping Buddhas lie. The island is home to Hong Kong International Airport, Hong Kong Disneyland, and Tung Chung — an area of bustling shopping, entertainment and high-rise housing springing up to service the growing population.
    Kings of Construction, a series about feats of engineering taking place around the globe, devotes this episode to the Ngong Ping 360, a cable car system that will stretch 5.8 kilometres across the South China Sea to the island. This link with the island makes it easier for the tourist hordes to explore those remaining misty mountain trails.
    Details : click here
    Source: Toronto Star

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