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The LA Times has good news.. "Ruling Favors Anaheim"

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  • The LA Times has good news.. "Ruling Favors Anaheim",2803942.story

    My favorite name, for the San Diego Union-Tribune... "Brea Angels of Orange"! :lol:
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    Joey AKA "dlfreak"

    I'm addicted to Disneyland. Disneyland hobbies are expensive.
    If I become a bum people are going to say "Don't give him money, he's just gonna use it on Disneyland."
    Disneyland. My Anti-drug.

    With all this talk of "off the shelf" and "on the back-burner" it seems the only thing that DCA is really missing is the kitchen sink!

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      Keep in mind the Angels were the LA Angels originally. Anaheim is a city that has taxed the daylights out of you (admission and bed taxes) on the success of DL. I say Go LA Angels!!!!! Anaheim buys them nothing. I grew up going to Anaheim Stadium and love the Angels, but they need $$$ to buy players and compete. Help them do that.
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        The ANAHEIM Angels they've been, and that's the way they should stay.

        LA has the Dodgers, they don't need another team. Moreno has the money and the Angels have a good team already - hell, look at last year. They had a great season, and a record attendance. Changing the name does nothing but alienate thousands of loyal Anaheim fans.


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